Test yourself


Would you like to challenge yourself? How about trying the physical requirements to get in to the Norwegian Police Academy?

Underwater Swimming:

In this test, dive to 1.5 meters deep and swim a length of 12 meters, before picking up two diver ring that are located 4-6 meters under water.

Number of attempts: 2

Swimming, 100m:

In this test it is required to swim 100 meters within a time limit, and the swim can be started both diving or in the water. The first 75 meters you can switch between breast, crawl or butterfly, but in the last 25 meters must be swum on your back with your arms under the water, and with a reversed breaststroke kick.

Number of attempts: 1

Men: The minimum requirement is 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Women: The minimum requirement is 2 minutes and 40 seconds

Swimming, Diving:

In this exercise, dive to 2.5 meters and pick up a diver ring and bring to the surface. It is not allowed to use swimming goggles or nose clip.

Number of attempts: 2

Strength, Boom:

In this strengthening exercise, pull yourself up against a boom in horizontal position. Use an overhand grip and have your feet on a bench. There shall be a maximum distance of one foot between the heels, and the body must be kept straight during the entire exercise. Pull yourself up until the chin is in line with the booms upper side. When lowering the body, the elbow joints should be stretched out completely. The exercise must be carried out continuously at a moderate pace, and leg kicks is not accepted.

Number of attempts: 1

Requirements: 4 repetitions

Men: High boom

Women: Low Boom

Strength, Bench Press:

In this exercise, the bench must be in a horizontal position, and the feet shall be placed on the floor or on the bench. The person taking the test can decide the width of the grip. The barbell should be lowered until it touches the chest and pushed up until your arms are outstretched. The test should be carried out continuously at a moderate pace.

Number of attempts: 1

Men: 60 kg and 4 repetitions

Women: 32.5 kg and 4 repetitions


The last test is a 6-minute endurance test. The test takes place in a gymnasium where the floor is 15 X 7 meters. The person taking the test shall run in circles, facing an obstacle on each long side. Obstacle 1 is a mat where the person should lie down and let the chest touch the mat, while obstacle 2 is the shoulder blades touching the mat.

Number of attempts: 1

Men must run 802 meters or longer

Women must run 704 meters or longer

Good luck!