Kettlebells are for everyone


“Kettlebells originated in Russia, and the special weights were originally used as grain weights in the countryside. Additionally, it was also used among workers to “show muscles”.

This according to Allan Fallrø, one of the best coaches within functional training, a type of training that focuses on exercises involving the entire body.

He goes on to say that “more and more people started seeing the benefits of using kettlebells as exercise equipment”. The added exercise meant that they were in even better shape to perform the physically demanding work in the countryside.

“Eventually it became somewhat of a “national sport” in Russia, and by 1970 several kettlebell sporting competitions were arranged. 20 years later, kettlebells found their way into the gyms in the United States and across the world.

Allan Fallrø

Who can work out with kettlebells?

Fallrø is a former top athlete and manager of The International Kettlebells and Fitness Federation Norway (IKFF Norway). He also arranges level 1 courses for kettlebell instructors. In other words, an experienced man. We cannot think of anyone better to explain who this type of training benefits.

“First and foremost, I have experienced myself how great and effective kettlebell workouts are. I have seen incredible improvement in both my strength and endurance. It is efficient and thereby timesaving, meaning I can spend less time on training while still reaching my goals. I also think it is fun, challenging and motivating mastering new exercises,” the former national boxer says.

However, Fallrø is keen to point out that kettlebells are not only for former athletes.

“Kettlebells are a great form of exercise for top athletes who wish to strengthen their weak areas, such as the core and supporting musculature around shoulders, hips and knees, as well as grip strength. On the other hand, it is equally suitable for anyone who has the desire for a dynamic body that is that is fit and functional for everyday life. 

Technique, technique, technique

If you are thinking about starting with this type of workout for the first time, it is important to focus on technique and master some basic exercises before advancing to more complicated variations.

– It is just as important to have the right technique in kettlebells as in any other sport or exercise. With the right technique you can safely increase the weight of the kettlebells, quantity of repetitions and time spent performing the exercise.