FAQ: Activity with Myworkout GO at work πŸ‘Œ


Here you will find answers to everything you might be wondering about training with Myworkout GO at work. πŸ‘‡

1. How do I join the activity with the job if I have not participated before?

Before the training period starts, you will receive an Email / SMS from Myworkout with an invitation via a link. This invitation is personal and ensures that you join the right team. When you click on the link, the following happens

  1. a) If you do not have the app installed on your phone, the Myworkout GO download page opens. Here you download the app. b) If you already have the app installed on your phone, the app opens directly.
  2. Create a user or log in (if you already have a user).
  3. Accept that your user links to your employer. Should you not be asked to accept, go back to the link you received by email / SMS and try again πŸ”™
  4. Check that you get your team up by going to the profile tab in the app (third from left). If your team does not show up, contact us at support@myworkout.no, and we will help you.

2. I have been involved in this before and will be joining again

  1. You will receive a push notification from the app that the training period is underway.
  2. Check that you are in the right team. If not, let your team leader or us know at support@myworkout.com
  3. Get started with scoring points with the job. πŸ’ͺ

3. How is the training period set up?

During this period, all participants get divided into teams that do their part to collect training points. The training period consists of weekly matches that your team can win.πŸ…Every Sunday at midnight (Norwegian time); we will sum up the team points, and chose a weekly winner i. Training sessions that are not saved by Sunday this week will not count. Then the points are reset, and a new weekly match starts. The winner of the training period is finally chosen based on the best average ranking in all the weekly contests. πŸ† The period begins: (We agree) and ends: (recommended duration 4 to 10 weeks)

4. How do I collect points in the competition with the job?

  • You get points for each training that you registerer in the Myworkout GO app. You can do this in the following ways:
  • You can use the Myworkout GO app to complete workouts.
  • You can re-register workouts in the Myworkout GO app.
  • For the scoreboard to keep up to date during the week, you will only receive points in the competition if the session is registered within 24 hours after the exercise was performed.
  • You can connect to your Garmin, Fitbit and Polar account so that these workouts automatically syncs to your Myworkout account.

Are you on a team with fewer participants than competing teams? Do not worry; we add equalization points based on how many fewer members the team has. These refer to “handicap points”.

5. How are the points calculated?

You get 1 point per training minute registered in Myworkout GO. For you to progress well, you must train at a high enough intensity, long enough for the heart to receive effective training. We know that 4Γ—4 intervals achieve this, so you get 4 points for every minute of the kites in a 4Γ—4 session registered with Myworkout GO. If you do not want to train 4Γ—4 but still want to train with high intensity, you will get 4 points for every HIT minute you register in the activity meter.

There is an upper limit of 120 points per participant per day. When you have reached this limit, you must wait until the next day to collect more points.


A 4Γ—4 interval: 6 minutes warm-up, 9 minutes active break and 3 minutes warm-up = 18 points for moderate intensity. 16 minutes high intensity = 16 Γ— 4 = 64 points. A total of 82 points.

6. What can I register as training?

All training can be registered. If the category for the training you have completed is missing, you can either use the activity meter function or post-register and tell what kind of activity you have done.

As a rule of thumb, you should only register activities that make you so sweaty that you would typically have worn exercise clothes. But if you have something that prevents you from usually performing, such as a sore knee or back pain, then register the training you can do.

7. Can the others on my team see how much I train?

Yes, the others know when you have completed a training session. In the app’s overview board, you will be anonymous for the rest. There you can see your position to the rest of your team. Remember, you can also use the app to encourage your teammates, or to invite to a joint activity. πŸ€—

8. What’s new in the app?

Thank you for reading all the way here πŸ€— It is essential to get the basic knowledge before you get to grips with the news:

  • The app’s activity tracker can now evaluate your intensity and give you points such as the standardized 4Γ—4 programs 😲
  • Feel free to connect a heart rate monitor ❀️ (must be a belt)
  • Myworkout Go + Apple Watch = TRUE. Read more about it here. πŸ‘ˆ