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The best follow their advice

Earlier in March one of our associates traveled to a small oasis outside Dubai to advise the best football team in the United Arab Emirates.

Ever wanted to know how old your body really is?

Find out by taking Powel Active's biological age test.

"The pinpoint of efficient training"

Jan Hoff explains why you should work out. See video.

Good health is no "quick-fix".

"The important thing is to really figure out why you want to live a healthier life,"

Strength training: more than big muscles

Do you know why you should work on your strength? And what is the most efficient way to increase your strength?

How to find your maximum heart rate

Without any fancy equipment.

Double the effect of your strength training

There is no need for countless repetitions to get a noticeable effect from your weight training, it is actually better to keep repititions to a minimum.

Enlarge your heart...

...for a long and healthy life

Adults spend most of their day being inactive

Changes in physical activity, diet and smoking habits can prevent a total of 30 diseases.

The advice Martin Ødegaard should listen to

– He must work out as much as Ronaldo have done for the past ten years to become as good as him.

How to burn fat

– This should be a lifelong strategy, not just a two or four week programme to prepare for bikini season