Health & Workout

"Exercise is as important as sleep"

We have spoken with Health and Fitness Therapist, Hilde Kyllo, about workout motivation.

Motivating intervals

"I guarantee you’re running skills will improve."

Strawberry&chocolate heaven

A tasty post-workout smoothie

Eat yourself slim

You do not have to eat less, nor eat tasteless food, in order to lose weight.

The king of all exercises

Squat your way to good health.

“Employers should compensate sedentary work”

“Employers who offer sedentary work, offer health issues for the employee at the same time.”

Healthy ice-cream

Perfect post-workout meal.

Top ten fitness trends in 2016

According to 2,800 health and fitness professionals worldwide.

Five important exercises

For a functional and healthy body.

How to find your maximum heart rate

Without any fancy equipment.

Adults spend most of their day being inactive

Changes in physical activity, diet and smoking habits can prevent a total of 30 diseases.

The advice Martin Ødegaard should listen to

– He must work out as much as Ronaldo have done for the past ten years to become as good as him.