Bjørn uses MyBioAge as workout motivation


Bjørn Hol (69) has set a big goal to keep his workout motivation; he has signed up for a half marathon during the Oslo Marathon in September. To get in shape for the race he uses MyBioAge to measure the impact of the exercise he´s doing.

“My goal is to increase my oxygen consumption, and it´s easy to use this app to measure my progress”, the sporty 69-year-old says.

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Safety in knowledge

Bjørn had both heard and read about the research behind MyBioAge before he downloaded it and tested his oxygen consumption and biological age. The knowledge he had acquired assured him that the test and recommended workouts, which are 4×4 intervals, were effective.

“I work at the University of Oslo and we had a seminar where, among other topics, the research on this type of training was presented”, he says and continues:

“I am convinced that it´s effective and that the intervals will help me reach my goal in September”.

Bjørn Hol and Jack Waitz during a run in Oslo. Photo: Hans Skjong

Bjørn Hol and Jack Waitz during a run in Oslo. Photo: Hans Skjong

MyBioAge = workout motivation

On the basis of knowledge Bjørn has acquired, he has implemented 4×4 intervals in his workout program to get an effective increase of his capacity towards the race. And the summer is to be used effectively.

– I intend to run 4×4 intervals in addition to longer runs this summer. Near my cabin there´s a long and steep hill, I’ll run intervals there. I increase my speed each session, and I think that will give me the increase in capacity I need to complete a half-marathon, he explains.

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Feel privileged

Bjørn has exercised a bit on and off throughout his life, but has mostly been an active man. As a youth he exercised a lot before it faded off because of a busy study period. However, when jogging became popular in Norway, Bjørn was motivated to start exercising again.

– I participated in several races and exercised regularly, but then I was injured in my knee and that knocked me out again. I did not exercise for many years after that.

In recent years, Bjørn however found his workout motivation again, and have attended several shorter races both last year and this year. He signed up for the Oslo Marathon to get even more motivation to exercise. The 69-year-old also points out that he finds motivation in the positive health effects he gets from exercising, in addition to finding exercise funny.

– I exercise almost every day, and because of that I am in great shape and don´t need to take lots of pills like many of my peers do. I feel privileged to have such a good health, he explains.

Cheer Bjørn on together with us

Myworkout cheers Bjørn on, and hope get in such a good shape that he manage to finish the half marathon in September. We plan to follow him towards his goal, and so can you. Follow, on Facebook or myworkoutcom on Instagram during the summer to see how his exercise is going.